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What should I do if the unit false triggers?
Replace the batteries and run the "battery replacement procedure" in the owners manual.
If this does not remedy your situation, you may want to choose a selectable level more specific for your application. Selectable Levels
Where should the unit be mounted?

Mount the CHV-2, in its case, to a load-bearing wall, ceiling, floor, stud or joist with at least two screws through the case mounting flanges. Any convenient mounting attitude is acceptable. (The CHV-2 will automatically orient itself.) The location chosen must be relatively free from man-made or machine-made vibration. Excessive vibration will cause the unit to be constantly "awakened" from its low-power stand-by mode and will prematurely run down the batteries. Minimum battery life is 100 hours while operating on on-board battery power (no AC or DC main power present).

Do I need to perform maintenance testing or calibration?

The CHV-2 unit does not require user calibration or maintenance testing. The unit has a built-in TEST button to initiate complete self-testing with or without triggering output. (See User Manual pp. 6 and 7.)

The CHV-2 continuously monitors itself to assure proper operation of the unit (see User Manual pg.7)

The CHV-2 performs a confidence test after any power up or RESET and every 10 minutes while operating on AC or DC main power. If any test fails, the unit triggers.

Most safety authorities require at least an annual functional (triggering) test and certification of the CHV-2, along with the entire elevator system. Local regulations should be consulted.

Why did my unit “false trigger”?

Possible causes include:

  • During a power supply start up, the unit may trigger, as long as the unit has not been running in battery mode.
  • If a unit is suddenly flipped or rotated, when it is first powered up it will trigger. It will require up to 1 minute for the unit to reorient itself.
  • If the batteries are too low (less than 5.0 VDC total) and there is no AC power, the CHV-2 uses its last available amount of charge to trigger. This is a fail-safe feature.
  • Excessive vibration from the elevator machinery or building environment may cause triggering, depending on the vibration characteristics (amplitude, frequency spectrum). “If it looks like an earthquake to the CHV-2, the CHV-2 will trigger.” The usual solution to this is to find a more suitable mounting location.
How often do I replace the battery?

The battery can power the CHV-2 for at least 100 hours in the absence of primary AC and/or DC power. If there are no primary power interruptions the battery will last for its shelf life, 5 years or more. With primary power interruptions, battery life will be between these limits.

The unit keeps track of how much available battery charge (life) has been used. When approximately 100 hours (total) of internal battery operation has elapsed OR the total battery voltage drops below 5.0 volts, the REPLACE BATTERY LED will come on, as long as AC or DC power is available. When this is observed, replace batteries as soon as possible. (There are usually up to 50 hrs. of battery operation remaining. ) (*it is possible to attach a 24V battery to the plus and minus 24 VDC terminals to provide backup battery capacity. )

Is the trigger threshold adjustable?
Our newest model offers the user selectable levels
Is the CHV-2 Code Compliant?
The CHV-2 unit complies with ASME A17.1 code requirements (0.15 peak trigger level, 1 to 10HZ frequency range).

The entire unit is UL 508 and Canadian UL approved under UL report: UL 508 Industrial Control Equipment Listed (File E350668)

How is the CHV-2 tested?

Every CHV-2 unit is factory tested and subjected to a seismic test simulation on a shaker table per standard AC-156. A CHV-2 unit must trigger within 5 seconds of the onset of strong motion (see Figure 1 – AC-156 x 0.2) below. The unit’s 3 axis response is omnidirectional (3-D) and equal in response in all directions when mounted in any attitude.

See following seismogram.

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